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Get your instant cashback

We are very grateful to our customers for their positive reviews and good ratings and would like to give something back to our loyal customers. That is why we started our cashback campaign.

Share your decoration and get a cashback immediately. In addition, you have the chance to win a Wallencia voucher worth $250.

How can you participate?

Send us pictures / videos of products you bought on our website and get a cashback immediately. 

The only rules

For canvas: Send us a picture or video of your framed canvas
(should either hang on your wall or you can hold it in your hands)
Decorative Books: Send us a picture or video of your decorative books 
(should either be on your table or on a shelf)

Tag @wallencia_official on your instagram story or wallencia.official on your facebook story and use the hashtag #wallenciacashback 

Send us your pictures and videos via email or social media.

Thats all!

Get $5 cashback for a photo of your wall / table / room with products you bought from us.

Get $10 cashback for a video (5-10 seconds) of your wall / table / room with products you bought from us. Mention in the video (You don't have to be visible in the video if you don't want to)

Please be sure to show your decoration at its best. The best pictures will be shown on our instagram story.
Please send the pictures via email to or to our instagram (@wallencia_official) via direct message.

(Tell us your full name or order number or the email address you used to order to get your cashback as soon as possible.)

A $250 gift card for our website will be raffled among all participants.

The winner of the competition will be notified on June 15, 2021

The cashback is paid out once per customer. This promotion is purely voluntary and can be revoked at any time without giving reasons. By participating in the campaign, you give us the rights to use the pictures/videos (you have sent us) on our social media channels.